Competent bank management – how not to lose all the money at once on bets

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What is a bank in sports betting

Players of bookmakers call the bank the balance of the game account. In other words, this is the amount of the deposit that the privateer risks by making one or more bets in an attempt to increase the amount of money. It is important to understand that beating the bookmakers is incredibly difficult. Only a few professionals who have already “eaten their teeth” on betting succeed in this. It is advised to take risks only with an amount that does not hit the family budget hard, so that in case of failure you will not be left with debts.
Proper management of the bank will at least minimize financial losses. If you manage to reach the minimum plus, this can already be considered an excellent achievement. The rules of competent money management, which have been developed over the years by the best forecasters of our time, will help in this.

Which management strategies are characterized by low risks

The goal of every sports betting strategy is to minimize the risk of losing money and try to protect the bettor from excessive emotions and excitement. Before choosing, it is advisable to test strategies in “virtual betting“. Write conditional rates in a notebook to see the effectiveness at a certain distance. If there is a “plus”, then you can proceed to betting on real money. If it turns out to be a “minus”, it makes sense to look for another tactic.
Among the most popular strategies with minimal risks that privateers flirt with, four stand out.

Fixed Amount Betting

Among bettors, such a strategy is better known as flat – bets are placed on a previously set amount, regardless of the latest results and ongoing events in online mode. Thanks to the flat, the player is insured against large financial losses, although it cannot do without pitfalls:
For a positive balance when playing with average odds of 1.8-1.9, you need a passability of 55% or more. The lower the quotes, the more bets should win.
With a successful series, it will not be possible to greatly increase the bank if you do not play for large sums.
An example of a strategy for playing with a fixed amount for betting: there is 300 dollars on the game account. The amount is divided into 30 equal parts of 10 USD per bet. After making 30 predictions, the result is summed up, after which the player decides to change the amount and continue playing as before. If you managed to earn at least a little, it is best to withdraw the net profit for yourself, and continue in the same spirit. In the event of a loss, there is no need to chase after a quick win back – it is better to divide the balance of funds into equal parts again, and so try to return the lost money.

Rates on a fixed percentage of the amount

Competent bank management - how not to lose all the money at once on bets

A calculator at hand or the ability to quickly perform mathematical calculations with multiplication and division is useful here. A fixed percentage, like the amount, should not change over the distance – if the player has firmly determined for himself the size of 5% of the bank, then you need to stick to the chosen course.
For example, the same $300, the privateer decides to bet 3% of the total balance.The first bet on an event with odds of 1.8 will be placed on $9 (300 x 0.03 = 9). Regardless of the outcome of the first bet, the size of the second bet will be changed:
Win. On the balance – 307.2 dollars (bet 9 USD, received $16.2). The amount for the next forecast will be calculated already from 307.2 USD, and will be 9.2 dollars.
Losing. There are 291 dollars left in the account. The size of the second bet will be equal to $8.73.
If the player is disciplined and does not try to guess the outcomes of all events in a row, such a strategy guarantees playing in the betting shop for a long distance without the need to replenish the account. It will not work to lower the money even with a strong desire – unless the player manages to lose 40-50 bets in a row, reaching the minimum limit, which is set by bookmakers for making bets.
The disadvantage of a fixed percentage for betting is the fact that after a long unsuccessful series it is difficult to go into the “plus”. Usually, this strategy is used by professional privateers or those players for whom sports betting is nothing more than entertainment, and their goal is to hold out as long as possible so as not to make a deposit again. Also, experienced bettors do not advise playing with large amounts – 2-5 percent of the available account balance is considered optimal.

Fixed income
Bets are made taking into account the desired winnings. Mathematical skills will also come in handy here, because you need to calculate the size of the bet in such a way as to receive a specific amount.

For example, the size of the potential winnings is set at $ 10 from each bet. It all depends on the odds: it is enough to bet 20 USD on an outcome with quotes of 1.5, $14.4 on 1.7, $28.7 on 1.35, etc.
There are also two drawbacks in the fixed income betting strategy – the need for constant mathematical calculations and the slow pace of account promotion, if you do not reach the success rate at low and medium odds at the level of 65-70% of the guessed winning forecasts.

Plateau strategy
At the first stage, bets are made on fixed amounts, and then everything depends on whether the bank has increased or decreased. So, with an initial balance of 300 USD, the player splits the amount into 20 bets of $15 each. The privateer set a goal to reach $400 in order to then raise the stakes to $20 and so on until the end of the distance. With the option to go into the “minus”, when conditional $ 300 remains on the balance sheet, it is better not to take risks and reduce the amounts, trying to reach the previous level.
Thus, the plateau strategy protects against a long series of failures, unless the principle of strategy is broken in the middle of the race, which often leads to disastrous consequences. If more bets come through, the pot will grow at a more noticeable rate than when playing with a fixed amount, percentage or income.

Bad bank management strategies

Competent bank management - how not to lose all the money at once on bets

Now it’s worth talking about strategies that can lead to a quick bankruptcy. There are several of them, but two are especially risky.
All-in game
Betting on all the money, even on a reinforced concrete outcome, is an extremely risky strategy. Often, this mistake is made by beginners who are confident in the victory of a clear favorite, but in the end they lower the entire bank. This is no longer a game against bookmakers, but a real lottery when you don’t know what to expect. For the sake of penny winnings, it is not worth risking big money.

Increasing the amount of the bet after losing
For many players, the feeling is familiar when, after a loss, there is a strong desire to immediately recoup. I immediately recall the “Martingale catch-up” strategy, according to which each next bet is made for a large amount in order to win back the previous minuses with one successful forecast and get a plus. Theoretically, this looks like a really win-win scheme, but in practice everything is far from being so beautiful.
There are also two risk options:
The unsuccessful series drags on, there is money left in the bank for exactly one bet and … again by. This happens, and often – even the most successful marques of the planet are not immune from 5-6 losses in a row.
Not all bookmakers accept bets on large amounts – limits on certain markets are extremely low, which can prevent you from betting on an amount that will allow you to beat off previous losses.
You need to understand that for catch-up bets you need a solid cash reserve. For example, if you play at odds of 2.0 and lose the first bet for $10, the second bet already requires at least $20. If it reaches the 6th bet, the amount here will already grow to $200, and in total there will already be $400 bet. And it’s not a fact that the black stripe will end there.Now the main question – is it worth risking that kind of money for the sake of winning 10 bucks?

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